Meru farmers reap fortunes from county government donated greenhouses

Meru farmers reap fortunes from county government donated greenhouses    

Post by Dorine

Farmers in Meru are reaping a fortune from harvest in free greenhouses donated by the county government in various wards across the county.

The County Government has established more than 58 green house demo sites and constructed 34 of them, which have benefitted farmers among them youth and women in growing vegetables and fruits.

Risper Gatwiri a farmer and a member of Kwama charity Alliance group, a beneficiary of the greenhouse from Abogeta East Ward in South Imenti said the project is more of an irrigation scheme and the county’s aid to facilitate them has liberated many families from buying vegetables.

"Most of our group members earn a living from the project. It is also a food security to my family because I do not need to buy greens and tomatoes," she said.

She added they mostly grow tomatoes and vegetables to the 18 by 8 meters greenhouse structures.

"We sell them between Sh. 20-30 per Kg for tomatoes but for vegetables it depends on the amount the buyer requests. They produce quality and great yields of between 1,500 kilograms and 12,000 kilograms.

We gain maximum profits", she said. The county government has prioritized issuing the greenhouses to schools, women and youth groups interested in greenhouse farming in each of the 45 wards in the county.

"Though Greenhouses are a good technology they need a lot of attention and care." she said. Meanwhile Peter Kiremu, a resident said the county has developed and supported several water projects that so far are changing resident’s lifestyle.

Some of water projects that have benefitted are Kiruko rehabilitation water project (Koothine), Nyoomba Ya Athi water project, Upper Kiringa water project, Gatandene water project, Kithaka-Naaro water Project, Kamuramba water project, Kianja water project, Kiagaru water project, Lower Kithangari Irrigation, Upper Kiringa water project and Baranga water project.






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