County Government establishes women empowerment policies

County Government establishes women empowerment policies    

Post by Dorine.

The County government of Meru has embarked on initiatives to empower women by creating Saccos for them, organizing conferences and developing employment opportunities policy in the county.

Speaking to Meru rising news in his office the chief officer for Gender, Culture, Youths, Sports and Social Services Martin Munene said the department is committed to empower the women by creating programs that impact them both economically and politically.

"First we have developed a policy on thirty per cent procurement, which is basically tailored for women, youths and people living with disabilities", Munene said.

He further said the same policy acts as a guide to all departments in ensuring that in all employment opportunities arising in the county, there is gender inclusivity for the women.

"The county government also has come up with a Sacco’s for youth, general traders and women to help them in depositing and borrowing loans at lower rates.

These Sacco’s cut across all the sub counties and wards and in all of them the women Sacco’s have been rated as the most vibrant in empowering them economically," he said.

He said that the department has also gone ahead and organized annual women conferences across the county for training on leadership and other issues affecting them.

"We will continue engaging Women and empowering them for we have realized that they are the key component in county developments and for the county to progress we have to involve them because they are the crucial pillars in our economic development", Mr. Munene said.






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