Brief Description and Objectives

According to Article 235 of the Constitution, each county is supposed to have its own public service to be known as County Public Service. The County Public Service means the inclusiveness of all individuals performing functions within any department of the county government or its agency, but does not include the Governor, Deputy Governor, members of the County Executive Committee and the members of the County Assembly.

The Public services (Human resources) are handled by the County Public Service Board. The board is headed by the chairperson and is collectively answerable to the County Assembly in performance of its functions.


The subsectors in the County Public Service are:-

a) Recruitment, Promotion, separation
b) Training /Education

i. Induction
ii. Continuous (refresher) refresher
iii. Short courses
iv. Long courses
v. Professional bodies
vi. Civic education on article 10 and 232 (both to staffs and public)

c. Remuneration

i. Monthly salaries
ii. Per diem
iii. Salary advance/salary in advance
iv. Training allowances

d. Staff Welfare

i. Mentoring
ii. Counselling
iii. Deaths and others
iv. Staff cohesiveness
v. Sports and liaison

e. Discipline






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