Speech delivered by His Excellency Peter Munya, Governor for Meru County during the Meru County Marathon September 29, 2013

The Senator, Meru County, the Meru County Representatives, the Assembly Speaker, Investors, members of the Provincial Administration, invited Guests, Ladies & Gentlemen:

I am delighted today to join brilliant men and women from this great county during this special sporting event.

Ladies and Gentlemen:.today is not a day to speak about politics, However I take this opportunity to thank all who prayed and stood with me when I was petitioned after the polls.it was indeed a trying moment which we overcame as one.

Identification and nurturing of talent is and still remains key in my agenda as I try to promote the well being of the youth,men,women and the children of this county

I Sincerely thank the Ripples International for partnering with us during this event.

This year, the theme of the Marathon is "break the silence against child sexual violence. " aimed at encouraging us to fight for children’s rights.we need to protect our children against any form of violence and encourage them to grow up as responsible beings.

The Meru County marathon is the partnership between Meru County administration and Ripples International to have a marathon to raise awareness on child abuse in the region and beyond. This is the first county marathon in the new dispensation and a sporting event that we look forward to nurturing talents as part of the Meru County calendar of events. Meru is the first county to organize and host a marathon of this magnitude and the highest paid marathon in Kenya so far. This will go in the books of history and serve as a model for others to emulate.

The theme for this marathon is to help break the silence against child sexual violence mainly in Meru but with a view to also create awareness in other regions of the nation and beyond. The funds being raised from this marathon today will go to the protection of children from sexual violence and to over-all further the cause of protection of children.

As your Governor I am appealing to our community to support and protect children in our communities and nurture them knowing that our future depends on the quality of children we bring up. As a county we are committed to establish a community where children enjoy their lives growing up and are respected as stipulated in article 53 of the constitution of Kenya, which obligates upon the state to fulfill socio-economic rights of children. In effect, the government is henceforth bound to deliver healthcare, education, nutrition and shelter to all children irrespective of budgetary implications.

As part of my campaign manifesto I pledged to nurture talent and promote sporting activities in the county by identifying sporting talent and encouraging the youth to nurture their talents and see them as a source of employment. Meru County will work with you to ensure growth in the dignity of sports as an endowment that can provide employment.

As good citizens, let us play our part for the good of Meru County, for ourselves and for future generations.

Na pamoja tutaweza…Thank you and God bless you all.






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