On Youth Empowerment

We have launched The Meru county Talent Academy at Meru Teachers College. It is a dream come true for us as one of my pledges in the campaigns, was to focus on unleashing the potential of our young people. Investing in the youth is in investing in prosperity, stability and cohesion in our county. Meru county has taken the first step in making sure that the potential of our youth is unleashed for the development among our youth and in the County. We have started with soccer, music and dance but intend to expand to other areas where the youth have talent.

Meru has become the first county to launch a youth talent academy in the country. The county has partnered with the United Nations Children’s Fund (Unicef), the Permanent Presidential Music Commission (PPMC) and the National Youth Talent Academy (NYTA).
100 youths from the 9 sub-counties have been selected and admitted to the academy which is at the Meru Teachers Training College.
The talent academy caters for in and out school youths who have enormous talents that is yet to be tapped. The academy will hone skills in soccer, volleyball and music and later roll out to other programs






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