Strategic Overview

Kenyans from all walks overwhelmingly support a devolved system of government. In it they see an opportunity to determine, pursue and achieve the highest levels of development. The duty towards that end in Meru County has been committed to me and my government. This is a duty that calls for the highest sense of devotion and commitment of which I will lead. As required by the constitution and related laws on devolution, the Meru County Government has prepared a five year County Integrated Development Plan (CIDP), 2013-2017.

The 2013-2017 CIDP has been developed by fully participatory process from the grassroots involving all the stakeholders. The CIDP provides us with a legally bound working framework that will guide all programmes in the county. It binds both state and non state actors working in the county so as to ensure that we move with a singularity of purpose. It has been developed in a participatory manner and it’s our commitment to ensure that its implementation is equally participatory. We are open to innovative ideas of how best to deliver on the commitments herein.

We have a vision of delivering A Green Unified Prosperous Model County. Thus our mission is to facilitate sustainable development and wealth creation in the County through commerce, technological innovations and industrialization that leverages on our skilled human resources, agriculture, wildlife, bio-diversity and cultural heritage. In so doing I shall lead the county in upholding values of Integrity, Team work, Inclusiveness, Innovativeness, Hardworking, Transparency and Accountability.

Let us all come together and see to it that we play our role in achieving the Meru we desire. This we do for posterity.

H.E. Peter Munya,

Governor, Meru County.






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