Martin Gikunda

Chief Officer - Economic and Physical Planning    

  • Masters of Business Administration
  • Bachelor of Arts: Economics Major - Micro and macroeconomics, Money and Banking, Monetary Studies, Statistics, Public Finance, Mathematics for Economics, Economic Planning, Economic Development
  • Financial Analyst(ISA) KASNEB
  • Diploma In Banking (KIB)
  • Certificate in statistical and statistical collection (GTI Mombasa)
  • Certificate in Financial analysis and evaluation (ESAMI- Nairobi).
  • Certificate in Actuarial Valuation and statistical analysis (Finland April- May 2007)
  • Rapid Result Initiative Workshop ( GTI -Matuga June 2007)
  • Technical Seminar on the Investment of Social Security Funds - (Geneva Switzerland Sept. 2008)
  • Investments in Real Estate - Johannesburg South Africa ( October 2012)
  • Private Public Partnership technical tour - Johannesburg South Africa ( November 2013)
  • Total Quality Management
  • ISO Qualified Trainers
  • Ministry of Health Research Commission study - To evaluate the primary/preventive Health Care facilities in six Districts of Kenya (May- June 1990.
  • UNICEF: Research commissioned project entitled Urban Child Especially in difficulty circumstances - The study focused on NGOs and Governmental Institutions which help needy children (August - October 1990).Ministry of Cooperative / Kenya Nordic Programme.The research was to evaluate the Kenya /Nordic programme in seven district of Rift valley. The component evaluated were Education, Training and Management on Members and Employees of the Cooperative Societies and Unions ( Jan. - Feb. 1991)
  • Ministry of Roads and Public Works - Planning Officer
  • National Social Security Fund - Fund Manager
  • NASSEFU SACCO - Treasurer

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