Raphael Muriungi, Deputy Governor


Hon Raphael Muriungi is the Deputy Governor of Meru County and a former Member of Parliament for Igembe South Constituency (2003-2007). He was the assistant minister for tourism from 2005 to February 2008.

Hon Raphael muriungi was born in May 1954. He is the son of Mr M’imaana and Mrs Rael Karema; born and raised in Njia location Cia- Mwendwa Meru County and settled in Kiegoi in 1980.


He studied in Kaongo ka Mau Primary School and proceeded to Igembe boys (1968-1969). He was also a student at Igoji Teachers Training College (1970-1971). In addition to this he attended Kenyatta University and graduated in bachelor of education. In 1993 he also graduated from the University of London.


Hon Raphael has worked as a community trainer of Plan International, Inspector of Schools (Meru district and ministry of education, headquarters), deputy principal at Njia Secondary School (1978-1981) and Miruriri Secondary School (1976-1977). He also taught at Kangeta Secondary School (1973-1975 and Njia primary school (1972-1973).


He entered competitive politics in 1997 and came second. He joined the 9th parliament on a NARC ticket in 2003-2007 and became a member of the parliamentary committee for education, science and technology.

He enjoys political stability, economic and educational progress. Hon Muriungi is humble just trustworthy and full of integrity. He has and is empowering Meru citizens towards achievement of goals and growth in every aspect of life.

Major achievements

While he was the Igembe South Member of Parliament, he opened 14 new mixed secondary schools in various parts of the consistency which greatly boosted education. New roads were opened where they did not exist, construction of bridges was also done which helped greatly in movement of people from one market to another and connecting rural and urban areas boosting economy.

During this era cattle dips which were long closed were revived. In conclusion there was construction of health facilities for better health of the people






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