County has embarked on piping and commissioning boreholes

County has embarked on piping and commissioning boreholes    

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The County Government of Meru has started commissioning, piping and installing heavy machines for pumping water from boreholes, aimed to reduce the water shortage menace

Meru Governor Peter Munya said his administration has been kin to fulfilling his pledges he made by delivering services to every corner of the county despite having limited resources.

He reiterated that his administration has sunk 16 boreholes in Igembe North and Igembe Central with the newly acquired rig machine and has factored for more within the county to alleviate water problems.

"Despite the challenges when sinking a borehole, some sites lack completely lack underground. But My Government has at now sunk more than 16 boreholes that will help alleviate the problem of water. We have also issued several plastic tanks and constructed (22500m cubic) concrete tanks which are helping in storage of water," he said.

Governor Munya spoke at Antubetwe Kiongo in Igembe North when he commissioned a borehole sank by the County.

He added that more than 580 Community water groups have been assisted with water pipes and some their intakes built from scratch.

"Meru has established three functional laboratories at Meru, Maua and Nkubu towns and three water quality officers recruited to ensure residents consume safe water. Dumpsites have been rehabilitated. More than 32 water schemes rehabilitated and upgraded and water pipes given to improve water accessibility to the community," he said.










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