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  1. Investment Opportunities in ICT Sector
    Jan 14, 2014   Network the county offices from head quarters , sub county offices and ward offices Construction of Citizen Service Centers    
  2. Investment Opportunities in Transport and Infrastructure
    Jan 06, 2014   Offering land for development (then from rent payback the person) In major urban centres to put malls (county to offer land) Putting up yard to manufacture concrete pipes for use in improving sewer systems in county towns. With the passing…    
  3. Investment Opportunities in Health Sector
    Jan 14, 2014   Set up diagnostics centers for cancer and other chronic diseases    
  4. Investment Opportunities in Education and Technology
    Jan 14, 2014   Construction of ECDE centers and classrooms Construction of Polytechnics    
  5. Investment Opportunities in Sports, Gender and Culture
    Jan 14, 2014   Construction of various sports stadiums    
  6. Investment Opportunities in Water, Environment & Resources
    Jan 14, 2014   Construction of Dams Building water supply networks    
  7. Investment Opportunities in Tourism & Trade
    Jan 14, 2014   Development of Eco tourism Lodges in Meru National Park and Mt Kenya National Park and in the Meru County Conservancy Development of produce markets in Meru and other major town in Nairobi and Mombasa Construction of Hotels    
  8. Investment Opportunities in Agricultural Sector
    Jan 04, 2014   Value Chain Addition for bananas. Industry that can process bananas into flour, crisps, puree & wines Processing of Macademia nuts Packaging Meru coffee Construction of grain storage facilities Construction of cold rooms to store…    
  9. Overview
    Jan 06, 2014      
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