Investment Opportunities in Transport and Infrastructure

  • Offering land for development (then from rent payback the person)
  • In major urban centres to put malls (county to offer land)
  • Putting up yard to manufacture concrete pipes for use in improving sewer systems in county towns.
  • With the passing of LAPPSET within the county - its passing through Tigania East where it passes through. The county intends to create an industrial Park
  • Engaging KENHA and World bank to construct 30 km bypass from Meru town which consists of Eastern and Western Bypasses to solve the problem of traffic Jams
  • Streaming movement of vehicles in main stages incoming and outgoing.
  • Also regulating taxis/cabs

Real Estate

  • Construction of Office blocks, shopping malls and residential housing

Urban centers

  • Construction of sewer lines
  • Provision of Street lighting
  • Paving and beautification of the county


  • Provision of Wind power projects
  • Provision of Solar power projects
  • Provision of Hydro power projects






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