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  1. Public Service Policy
    Public Service, Administration
    Launch County Huduma Centres by March 2014 Build ICT hub/Incubators for youth within the county Partnered with KEMU in offering training to…    
  2. Economic Physical Planning Policy
    Economic and Physical Planning
    Integrating Meru town spartial plan Implementation of spartial plans in the county bordering Isiolo international airport. Here are preparing…    
  3. Trade, Tourism And Cooperative Enterprise Development Policy
    Trade, Tourism And Cooperative Enterprise Development
  4. Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries Policy
    Agriculture, Livestock & Fisheries
    Implement the MOU signed with KPCU for lease of mills, equipment and land for ksh 30,000 PA Support farmers and groups to bulk clean seeds…    
  5. Major National Reforms of 2012
    Department of Agriculture, Livestock Development & Fisheries
    Three major reforms, all enacted in 2012, are: The Land Act , which mandates the National Land Commission to recommend policies on land, acquire…    
  6. Rural poverty approaches, policies & strategies in Kenya
    Department of Agriculture, Livestock Development & Fisheries
  7. Sports , Gender And Culture Policy
    Sports , Gender And Culture
    Design, collect, display artifacts of Imenti south Community cultural centre. Removal of street children from Meru town in partnership with…    
  8. Education and Technology Policy
    Education & Technology Policy
    Recruitment of over 800 ECD teachers in all the sub counties Building of ECD classes across the county- The county has already prepared BQ,…    
  9. Water, Environment and Resources
    Water, Environment and Resources
    i. Water- a. We are mapping all sub county headquarters to have distribution networks. b. All strategic water resources for the county and Sub…    
  10. Health Policy
    Health Policy
    Our policy is to offer Quality accessible health services by improving access to health care across the County. We are committed to:- Setting up…    
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