County to upgrade all roads connecting Kinoru stadium and no land rates increment

County to upgrade all roads connecting Kinoru stadium and no land rates increment    

Post by Dorine.

The County Government of Meru is set to start upgrading all roads around and near Kinoru stadium to improve efficiency and assured area residents that there will be no land rates increments.

Meru Governor Peter Munya said area residents will be the extensive beneficiaries because they will sell their commodities to football fans, participants and all roads linking to the Stadium must be upgraded.

He added that Kinoru, Makutano Township and Meru towns looked like slums but his main agenda is to develop the area has planned, expanded and transformed the towns into modern ones.

He noted that developments are first priority and they should be embraced ,so that they help in empowerment and prosperity of residents.

"Meru is today a sporting destination for this Country courtesy of Kinoru. This field is enough for parking and other sporting amenities. The Land rates are annually passed by County Assembly and it has already dissolved. No one is to buy land at Kinoru or increase land rates," Munya said.










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