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Nairobi Meru County Stakeholders' Forum

Sat, January 25, 2014 - 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Location / Venue:
Safari Park Hotel, Nairobi


Meru county government will me holding a stakeholders forum for all meru county stakeholders living in Nairobi and its environs on Saturday, The 25th, Jan 2014. The meeting will take place at Safari Park Hotel Nairobi starting 10am.

The meeting is a follow up to the Meru Rising Conference which was held in Kenya Methodist University - Meru in June 2013.

The stakeholders meeting brings together Meru county stakeholders living in Nairobi and Meru Community Diaspora in Nairobi and its environs.

The key agendas of the meeting are;

  1. Update the stakeholders on the progress of the implementation of the meru rising conference resolutions
  2. To launch a primary school mentor ship program as a way of raising education standards in meru county and lift the county overall performance to top ten in the country.
  3. Launch sector working groups so that professionals outside meru county and within the county can have a platform to Volunteer expertise and skills towards supporting meru county government strategic initiatives.
  4. Meet the Meru county stakeholders in Nairobi and get them to know their county government and the senior executives working for the government.
  5. Update meru county community and stakeholders living in Nairobi and environs on investments opportunities available in the county.

This is a great opportunity to. Appreciate the key programmes that Meru county government is running for the strategic transformation of the county.

Meru county government greatly appreciates the role the sons and daughters as well as friends and other key stakeholders outside the county are going to play in the development journey of Meru County.

Entry fee Ksh.1000.00 only (Tickets sold at Safari Park Reception and Arirang Café - KICC)







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